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Running For Our Lives

Remember Forest Gump? What a great story about a crippled boy who finds freedom by running. Running becomes Gump’s secret weapon for coping, helping, saving lives, and more.¬†Recently, a youth counselor admonished one of my children with sage advice that “you cannot keep running from your problems.”

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Fish Tales: A Lesson in Faith

I recently had the change to go fishing with friend. We were about 17 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico in nearly 40 feet of water. We both had two rods in the water. One rod was for grunt. Since grunt are comparatively small fish, these rods and reels are relatively small with light line. The other rod is for grouper. Read More


Public and Private Education

There is a debate raging in Florida over the funding of private K12 schools with state funds. The argument is somewhat misguided in that it is not actually state funds that private schools are receiving through the tax-credit scholarship program. In fact, they are corporate donations in lieu of a tax credit (ergo, tax credit scholarship). Read More


God In A Box – A Response to Dr. Kenneth Archer

The Open Theology movement is a philosophical framework of God that allows for God to change. Of course, most orthodox Jews, Christians, and Catholics concur that God is immutable, and that His immutability is a critical component of His character. As I have stated in the past, a true Theology (study of God) will result in a.) conclusions of who or what God is (character, traits, personality, substance, etc…) and b.) an understanding of what God desires from his creation (obedience, satisfaction, appeasement, etc…). The conclusion of Theology then is a formula of who God is and what God wants. Anything existing outside of these two is extraneous static. Read More