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The House of Gamaliel: The confluence of knowledge and faith.


Back to Babel: The Birth of Humanism

I teach a Biblical Worldview course for educators. We discuss at length the influence of humanism upon society and the education systems of the US. But I also see a generation of young people now struggling with their faith trying to reconcile truth and doctrine with their humanistic ideologies.

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Strategic Planning: A Winning Season Or A Winning Team

Do you want a winning season? Or are you interested in a winning team? A winning team will make it to states year after year, and no single player or coach takes all the credit. Read More


Inhospitable World

While exiting the nursery of Lowe’s last weekend, I saw a gentleman kick a cart that spun out of control and crashed into a nearby car, leaving a long red streak down the side of the vehicle. Surprisingly, the gentleman then walked across the parking lot, got into his car. Read More


Private Faith-based Preschools Better at Educating

Hawaii is debating the merits of government funding of private preschools. The long held doctrine of “separation of church and state” is alive and well in the dialogue. Most states have already hurdled this obstacle and have moved beyond it. Now years into state-funded programs, what does test data reveal about private and faith-based preschools? The evidence in one state is clear: private faith-based preschools are better at educating! Read More