Beit Gamaliel

The House of Gamaliel: The confluence of knowledge and faith.


Knowledge without faith is sheer ignorance.

Unbridled knowledge is like an unrestrained river. Pushing through the path of least resistance, it cuts its way through the countryside, leveling mountains and destroying everything in its path. Faith is like the dam that holds the water back, giving it shape, and purpose, channeling its power for the productive good of the inhabitants of the land.

РAdrian Michaels

The House of Gamaliel exists to defend the interests and rights of religious faith-based schools to exist, operate, and educate it’s children. It has long been held within Jewish, Catholic, and Christian formal education that children learn to read in order to understand scripture. Despite establishing the foundation of formal schooling in the United States and several other countries, faith-based and religious education is increasingly challenged and silenced by secular ideologies that seek to remove religion from the world. While we work tirelessly at state and national levels defending religious rights to educate, this blog exists as an expression of unique ideas and philosophies of orthodox religious thought.

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