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About Me

About Me

About Adrian Michaels…

After serving half a lifetime in education, it has become increasingly clear that the voice of religious education is being silenced. As a staunch advocate for private religious education, I defend at the state and national levels the rights of independent schools to support the home through formal faith-based education. While I will defend the freedom of all religions to educate, I am keenly sensitive to importance of Jewish, Catholic, and Christian schools.

About Gamaliel…

Gamaliel the Elder was a leading authority in the Sanhedrin in the middle of the first century (CE). He was the grandson of the great Jewish teacher Hillel the Elder, and died twenty years before the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem (70 CE).

In the Christian tradition, Gamaliel is a Pharisaical expert of Jewish Law, who was the teacher of Paul the Apostle, and considered a man of great respect.

Ecclesiastical tradition maintains that Gamaliel had embraced the Christian faith and his tolerant attitude toward the Early Christians is explained by this. The Roman Catholic church views him as a Saint and listed him in the Roman Martyrology.

About this Site…

We live in a world where religious thought is waning and government control of education seems to be the only solution to educate children. Gamaliel’s Blog is a small corner of the web where the voice of religious education can be clearly heard. This site grapples with ideas of religious education, religion, and political issues as they pertain to academics, social mores, and organized religion, namely, Judaism, Catholicism, and Christianity.

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