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Private Faith-based Preschools Better at Educating

Hawaii is debating the merits of government funding of private preschools. The long held doctrine of “separation of church and state” is alive and well in the dialogue. Most states have already hurdled this obstacle and have moved beyond it. Now years into state-funded programs, what does test data reveal about private and faith-based preschools? The evidence in one state is clear:¬†private faith-based preschools are better at educating! Read More


Leadership Defined

Modern Leadership

Much (way too much) has been written on leadership in the last 20 years. I once followed a leadership guru in the faith-based arena. He has dozens of books on leadership that have been printed over the years. At this point in my life, I am willing to concede that there are likely less than 20 books on leadership and the rest are simple rehashes of the same nonsensical drivel. As Solomon once said, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Read More


Fear Factor

After thumbing through a recent edition of a magazine for religious leaders, I made a mental note. Most of what we read on leadership is rehashed drivel based upon baseless anecdotal trivialities. Several years ago I happened to be in Israel filming a series of videos. While driving through the Judean hills, a dialogue started up in the bus about a statement on leadership a leadership guru of that time.

What’s True in American MUST be True for the World!

As the discussion continued, we passed several young shepherds. Most Bedouin children begin shepherding around 10 years old. It was clear that most of the shepherds we passed were just kids. There is a leader. A young boy with twenty sheep, tasked with feeding and protecting them for the length of a twelve to sixteen hour day, and returning them to their stable by nightfall takes more leadership than most adults can muster. It was in that moment that I realized Read More


Doctrinal Flaw of Charismatics

Dr. E. T. Quanabush was an ordained evangelist of the Assemblies of God denomination who passed away decades ago. He was staunch defender of the Charismatic movement, while he remained concerned about erroneous understanding and expression of several of the “gifts of the spirit” as outlined in 1 Corinthians 12 of the Christian Bible. One of his unpublished papers dealt with the lack of accurate biblical understanding of “speaking in tongues” and it’s subsequent non-biblical application in the Charismatic church service.

“Speaking in tongues” has been a lightning-rod issue for pentecostals, and one which has drawn significant fire from other evangelical denominations and reform theologians (see information about the recently held Strange Fire Conference). This blog installation is the formerly unpublished work of Dr. E. T. Quanabush. I am including the content entirely, however, have included some clarifying statements for non-pentecostals [additions will be noted by brackets]. Read More