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Last of the Mohicans: The Death of the Great American Mascot

In a recent debate in central Florida, a Tampa area school board is wrestling with removing all native American mascots from its schools in response to the Native American Parent Advisory Council asked the district last year to change all of the mascots.

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Public and Private Education

There is a debate raging in Florida over the funding of private K12 schools with state funds. The argument is somewhat misguided in that it is not actually state funds that private schools are receiving through the tax-credit scholarship program. In fact, they are corporate donations in lieu of a tax credit (ergo, tax credit scholarship). Read More


Inevitable Racism

I think in reality everybody is racist. Liberals can get high and mighty and act as if they are the only ones in the world who have no preconceived ideas about races. But in reality it really is a bunch of crap.

The issue of this week highlighted a prominent football player who laughed about a woman talking football. While this isn’t a race issue, it is another bias and form of prejudice based in gender. Cam Newton is not a bad guy. Most likely he respects his wife, his mother, his grandmother, his daughters, and every other female that is respectable in his life. But in that moment, his upbringing presented a dichotomy in his mind between what he was observing and what he was taught culturally. That does not make him bad, evil, sexist, or anything else that is horrible and despicable. Read More


Forced Religion and Forced Patriotism.

In a daft move this week, the Leon County School District in Florida sent out an OPT OUT form to parents so that students may opt-out of reciting the United States Pledge of Allegiance. The form is to be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the child’s school. Read More