Well, Imagine That!

Raising teens is proving to be a challenge. I am starting to realize that many, if not most, of teen “flaws” are tied to their inaccurate and unrealistic perception of the world around them. Statistics on teen suicide, increased crime, rebellion, depression, and angst are tied more to their twisted interpretation of life than to any other measurable influence. We’ve all been there.

From early in life, children imagine a world that is perfect, where Ken and Barbie have the perfect face, the perfect smile, the perfect house, and the perfect relationship, or GI Joe has the perfect move, or the perfect weapon to make the world right. These fantasies linger into late adolescents and early adulthood where young ladies still fantasize about the perfect man who can read her every thought, and magically watches over her while she sleeps. Young men gaze out the classroom window of Algebra 2, daydreaming that they are really an undercover secret government agent sent to right the wrongs of high school bullying to the gazing eyes of the cheerleader to whom he never had the guts to even say, “Hello! Read More